Subject: Re: removing too-much portability support code in KAME IPv6
To: Assar Westerlund <>
From: None <>
List: tech-net
Date: 01/06/2000 22:34:52
>> 	I plan to remove some of portability assuarance code in
>> 	KAME IPv6 part, since some of #ifdefs are way too much to be readable.
>> 	I'll remove parts like:
>> 		#ifdef __bsdi__
>> 		#ifdef __FreeBSD__
>> 	or some other parts that does not apply for NetBSD.
>> 	It actually makes KAME upgrade harder, but I think I need to do this
>> 	for NetBSD repository.
>I think that this will make it harder for you (and other KAME-s) to
>keep the code in sync.  I think that we should try to minimize the
>differences between the incorporated code and the kame-code.

	I hoped to keep #ifdefs if the number is small, but I think it's too
	much.  We sometimes experience hard time debugging it due to #ifdefs.
	I think netbsd-current should not experience this extra pain.
	(also #ifdefs are bad for code auditing, if you care)

	I think I (and other KAME guys) can handle the upgrades.

>Of course we should try to minimize the number of #ifdef's in the KAME
>code - preferably by removing gratious differences between BSDs and by
>factoring out system dependencies.

	It would really me if *BSD are more in sync, or if any of them get
	merged into one (and number decreased), but they are already way too
	diverse.  Some of our results are in a file named PORTABILITY in
	kame kit, and sys/net/net_osdep.[ch] (the latter are in netbsd-current
	repository as well).