Subject: Re: requirements for router
To: None <>
From: Bill Sommerfeld <>
List: tech-net
Date: 01/03/2000 12:20:25
> I wanted to set up a pc running NetBSD to act as a router between  
> two networks. There will be about 500MB to 1GB data transferred 
> per month and the router has two 10MB/s ethernet cards. It should 
> do some firewalling and NAT. I intended to use a Pentium 166 or 
> Pentium Pro 200 and an old 170MB harddisk (such environment 
> was sufficient for routers to the internet). I do not want this pc to 
> become a bottleneck, so will 64MB Ram be enough or shuold I use 
> 128 MB. And can I run this setup without swap space as there 
> should be no need for that.

assuming you're not also sucking in multiple full BGP routing tables
from multiple peers, 64MB should be plenty.  16MB would likely be
plenty for this kind of workload assuming the routing tables were
small.  (for ipf/nat, the main issue for memory usage is not how many
packets are pushed but how many connections go through at once and how
long they last..).

wrt to swap space: that really depends on how much stuff you're going
to be running in userspace.  if you turn off most daemons and don't
need to ever have it rebuild its own kernel or some such you should be

					- Bill