Subject: IFT_OTHER is suitable for GRE?
To: None <>
From: Hitoshi Asaeda <>
List: tech-net
Date: 11/30/1999 19:15:03
Hi, all.

(I sent this mail to current-users yesterday, but that ml might not be
suitable to discuss this, I guess. (Because I receive no reply...) So,
please forgive me if you read this twice.)

Current implementation of GRE uses IFT_OTHER type in if_gre.c.
This is not good for permanent use, because it's so ambiguous and it
might be used with other interfaces, I feel.
GRE must be used as a point-to-point (or point-to-multipoint?) tunnel
interface, of course, but IFT_PPP must not be used.
And also, it may not a good idea to define new type in if_types.h for
GRE interface, although I'm not sure.

How do you feel this?
IMHO, IFT_PROPVIRTUAL may be better? (Sorry, if there are some tipical
meanings of this one.)

Hitoshi Asaeda