Subject: problems with single armed router
To: None <>
From: Michael Richardson <>
List: tech-net
Date: 11/15/1999 16:41:51
  I have a network like this:
corp	----+--------+----------+---
	    |                   | de0	
            phobos            vonbrown
                                | de1
lab		     --+----+---+------
	               foo  bar

  Most machines on "corp" use "gate" as their default route,
while I, on "phobos" use "vonbrown". That makes it easy for me
to add arbitrary networks to the lab network without reconfiguring
my desktop. "vonbrown" has "gate" as it's default route.
  I just upgraded vonbrown from 1.4ALPHA to the 1.4 release.
I needed to rehack "ioat66.c" (recently checked in) to get a multiport card
to work.
  The experience I have now is weird: if I ssh/telnet/ping from
"phobos" to an external machine (e.g., then I 
wind up connected to "vonbrown". This is as if I had "ifconfig de0" set.
  I do have a number of aliases on de1. Any ideas? I'm sucking 1.4.1 down

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