Subject: Re: new driver in -current for BayStack 650 802.11 cards.
To: None <>
From: Bill Sommerfeld <>
List: tech-net
Date: 11/04/1999 22:14:01
> >I've just committed my "awi" driver, for the BayStack 650 802.11FH
> >wireless network card, which is built around the AMD 79c930 802.11
> >controller).
> 	Thank you very much!  I'll be visiting IETF so I love to use this
> 	driver!
> 	To use IPv6 on top of this card, I think:
> 	- the following patch (for using mbuf cluster), and
> 	- some code to handle SIO[CD]ADDMULTI (multicast is mandatory on IPv6)
> 	are necessary .  I don't have the card myself at this moment
> 	so I couldn't test it.  I'll be able to hack and test it during IETF.

Thanks for the patch.  If time permits, I'll attempt to get V6 working
before I leave for DC (i've got my own little v6 network at home).

Programming the multicast filter looks fairly straightforward, thought
may not be strictly necessary since the device is currently set up in
receive-all-multicasts mode by default ...

					- Bill