Subject: Re: PPP thoughts
To: None <>
From: David Evans <>
List: tech-net
Date: 10/28/1999 21:20:35 wrote:
> 	Can't you just have pseudo tty device for PPPoE, configure it with
> 	ioctls (like ethernet src/dst, interface etc) and attach ppp onto it?

  Are you suggesting to just have a /dev/entry for PPPoE, or construct a new
ppp_whatever.c to go alongside ppp_tty.c?  The problem with the former approach
is that the HDLC-like framing that PPP requires when run over an asynch
serial line is not wanted when doing PPPoE.  Undoing the encoding (that had
to be done by the line discipline in the first place) for outgoing packets
and then doing the reverse for incoming packets is silly.

> 	May not be politically correct but PPPoE design *is* somewhat strange
> 	by itself anyway...

  Yes, I'm not convinced that it's the brightest plan in the world.

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