Subject: Re: installing ip_fil 3.3.3 and 1.4L
To: None <,>
From: Bernd Ernesti <>
List: tech-net
Date: 10/26/1999 06:48:11
On Tue Oct 26 02:44:18 1999, Rick Byers wrote:
> Anyone know if there is any reason why -current still using 3.2.10 anyway? 

Because we want a stable version and not one which changes in a short time
and is not stable.

3.3.3 looks like it is stable enough. Btw, 3.2.10 doesn't mean that we don't
have our own fixes for it.

> Since so many people use it, ipfilter might be one package that we may want
> to track pretty closely.  I'd be happy to help (update the ipfilter2netbsd
> script) if someone will commit it for me.

I updated the script on Sunday and have the merged source at home.
The ipfilter2netbsd script will go away this week, when I change the
layout of the usr.sbin/ipf subdirectory to a dist one and use .PATH
in the Makefiles.

So I will import the new one in src/usr.sbin/ipf/dist and delete the
files we don't need in our system (like the BSDI, BSD or the other subdirs).
Apply our changes and then delete the files in the old usr.sbin/ipf
subdirs, change the Makefiles, import the files in the kernel subdir
and resolve the confilcts.

But, that won't happen before we tested that it still works and has no
major bugs.


P.S: That won't happen before Saturday and i need a few people who
test the nat function, when I give them some tarfiles to replace
usr.sbin/ipf and sys/netinet. So you need a -current machine to test
that. Please send me a private mail if you have the time to do that
and I will place the tar files where you can get it.