Subject: Re: installing ip_fil 3.3.3 and 1.4L
To: Jonathan Stone <jonathan@DSG.Stanford.EDU>
From: Rick Byers <>
List: tech-net
Date: 10/25/1999 20:44:18
Hi, I'm not sure what's causing the error you're getting, but it's not what
you want to be doing anyway.  The stuff in the "NetBSD" directory is for
systems prior to NetBSD-1.2.  And as far as I can tell, the stuff in the
"NetBSD-1.2" directory is for NetBSD-1.2 ONLY (NOT 1.2 or later as the
INSTALL.NetBSD file says).  The patches definantly won't work on NetBSD-1.4
or later (maybe they worked on 1.3, but I doubt it).  

I recently installed ip_fil 3.3.2 on NetBSD-1.4.1 and it went surprisingly
smoothly.  After looking at the code for a bit (and talking to a few people
on current-users and the ipfilter list), I found I could simply use the
BSD/kupgrade script (copy over all relevant files) and recompile.  It's
been running fine since, so I'm assuming I didn't clobber anything.  

Anyone know if there is any reason why -current still using 3.2.10 anyway? 
Since so many people use it, ipfilter might be one package that we may want
to track pretty closely.  I'd be happy to help (update the ipfilter2netbsd
script) if someone will commit it for me.


Jonathan Stone wrote:
> I'm ugrading ip_fil from 3.2.12 or whatever-it-is in -current to 3.3.3
> The install script for ip_fil 3.3.3 fails miserably; NetBSD/kinstall
> barfs in the copy loop when it hits
>        ip_ftp,rcmd}_pxy.c
> I get:
> cp: ip_{ftp,rcmd}_pxy.c: No such file or directory
> I'm using 1.4L with a 1.4.1 userland. Is this a /bin/sh bug, or is
> something wrong with Darren's script (csh syntax?)?

Rick Byers                       University of Waterloo, Computer Science