Subject: pppd and client side ms-dns
To: NetBSD Tech-Net <>
From: Mike Pelley <>
List: tech-net
Date: 10/05/1999 18:26:12
There is an option in pppd to provide a dns server ip via ms-dns to windows
clients dialing into a netbsd dial up server.  There is no option, however,
to have a netbsd box (as the client) get a dns server ip from another
server.  With a Deja News search I discovered (third hand mind you) that the
folks who make pppd have no interest in including the short patch required
to capture this information and pass it to ip-up, as they feel that dns
should not be dealt with at that level (or something to that affect).

I found a patch that adds this functionality to pppd - would it not make
sense to add it to our version?  Maybe not - just curious ;o)

It has solved my (very specific) setup, but I imagine other folks would
appreciate it as well.  If some do think it makes sense I'll submit a PR.

Thanks!  Mike.