Subject: altq-2.0 available
To: None <end2end-interest@ISI.EDU>
From: Kenjiro Cho <>
List: tech-net
Date: 10/01/1999 22:07:31
A new release of ALTQ is available from


		ALTQ -- Version 2.0

						October 1, 1999

This is a release of Alternate Queueing for BSD UNIX.  ALTQ provides
queueing schemes required to realize resource-sharing and quality of
service.  The ALTQ release is intended to be a flexible platform to
promote network research and gain field experience.

What's New since version 1.2:

	- HFSC (Hierachical Fair Service Curve)
		joint work with Hui Zhang's group at CMU.
		efficient HFSC implementation using 64-bit operations 
		and raw Pentium TSC.
		decoupling of real-time and link-sharing service curves
		in order to support a variety of control.
	- Blue (active queue management)
		by Wu-chang Feng <>
	- altqd
		a daemon process that handles multiple queueing disciplines
		using a single configuration file (/etc/altq.conf).
		currently HFSC, CBQ and CDNR are supported.

		altqd will replace cbqd in the near future.
		The default config file for altqd is "/etc/altq.conf".
		It is backward compatible with cbq.conf.

	- libaltq
		API for queue management.
	- diffserv
		full EF and AF support
		traffic conditioning at input interfaces
			framework for various conditioner elements
			MF/BA classifier
			token bucket meter (for EF)
			two-rate three color maker (for AF)
		queueing at output interfaces:
			RIO with 3 drop precedence values
			RIO is integrated into CBQ or HFSC
	- pvc bridging
		ATM PVC bridging support.
		allows ALTQ to work as a layer 2 device.

	- FreeBSD-3.3R based.  2.2.8R and 3.2R are also supported.

	- initial support of NetBSD-1.4/1.4.1
		supported drivers are limited: en (pvc), fxp, vr, tl, (lo)
		only i386 architecture is supported

Many new features have been added since version 1.2 so that the major
version number is bumped to 2.0.  Most of the new features are still
under development and they are not fully tested.
Especially, the following items are missing in 2.0.
 - more queueing disciplines should be handled by altqd
 - altqstat (a stat program for multiple queueing disciplines)
 - directory reorganization (get rid of *-tools dirs)
 - rsvp support for HFSC
 - more drivers for NetBSD
 - cpu architecture other than i386

You can get the latest ALTQ release from