Subject: None
To: Stefan Grefen <>
From: Jonathan Stone <jonathan@DSG.Stanford.EDU>
List: tech-net
Date: 04/08/1998 15:41:07
Stefan Grefen writes:

>The existing approach cause  performance problems on people with
>other network topology ...

But, as I understand it, only for multi-homed hosts where people want
to do PMTU, or to optimize better for TCP peers which are doing PMTU.


> I think there is consensus that
>you can configure either behaviour 

But only since I pointed out there were problems.
Until then, in_maxmtu was all that was going to be offered.


>and if I recall that correct  "threat-mail"
>(just to identify it) states that we're talking about the default behaviour.
>I can see your point and I think more people will suffer from the 
>new thing than from the old way.
>But I also think fighting for defaults doesn't warrant this flame war.
>Everybody can tune the system they he/she wants. Either by compiling
>with a different default or by using sysctl.
>For the benefit of those people in a old enviroment I would recommend
>to use the old-behaviour in Install-kernels.

I'd agree with that.
But the people who put in the in_maxmtu change don't.

I think it violates ``be conservative in what you send''.
>From what I hear, thats the consensus in tcpimpl, too.