Subject: 3-Tier Client/Server Secrets
To: None <tech-net@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Steve O'Keefe <>
List: tech-net
Date: 12/23/1997 08:05:07
Jeri Edwards, co-author of the highly-acclaimed "Client/ Server Survival
Guide," has a new book out containing eight in-depth case histories of
companies building 3-tier client/server applications. The book is called
"3-Tier Client/Server at Work" (John Wiley & Sons), and I have permission
to distribute an excerpt which summarizes the top ten lessons Edwards
learned from studying these companies.

Three-tier client/server applications are quickly replacing the older
2-tier model. The number and size of these applications is growing
exponentially with the increasing desire of companies to tap into the
Internet. Yet many firms treat their 3-tier strategies like trade secrets,
making it difficult to get good design advice.

"3-Tier Client/Server at Work" provides an inside look at some of the
largest applications ever developed, including Wells Fargo's CORBA suite
(900,000 end-user transactions per day) and the U.K. Employment Service's
labour management system (6.8 million transactions per day). Also covered
are 3-tier developments at 3M Healthcare, AT&T, MCI, PeopleSoft, EUCARIS,
and Apple Computer.

If you like the distilled version of Edwards' book, you might want to get
the case histories to see how she arrived at her "Ten Commandments of
3-Tier Success." To get the excerpt, just send with
the subject line, "Send 3-Tier" and I'll reply with the file. Thanks.