Subject: Re: control ioctl's to network devices
To: Kevin M. Lahey <>
From: Ken Hornstein <>
List: tech-net
Date: 12/19/1997 18:03:52
>Should I just have a character device interface to my driver, merely
>for the ioctl's?  This is a HIPPI driver, so a non-network interface
>would make sense, but what about other drivers?  Is there some more
>general solution to this problem?  And what about the name-space
>pollution of defining yet one more application which is only useful for
>tweaking my device?  Is there a better way?  Could I use sysctl's?

FWIW, I've seen other network drivers have character device interfaces
for ioctl's and other control information on other BSD-based systems.
I always felt that instead of using those magical socket calls to
control interfaces, you should just open up /dev/le0 (or whatever) and
do read/write/ioctls (it would fit in better with the "everything's a
file" philosophy).

I just checked on our CM-5; it has character devices for the HIPPI
interface, so I think there's some precedent :-)