Subject: Re: multicast support
From: Jonathan Stone <jonathan@DSG.Stanford.EDU>
List: tech-net
Date: 09/28/1997 22:56:08
In message <>
>	Is there an existing interface in NetBSD thru which a program  can add 
>the m/c's ipaddress   to a muticast address, so that it receives all the 
>packet ( in the internet) which are sent to this multicast address. 

The standard BSD socket mechanism provides this.  Create a socket with
a suitable protocol (e.g., UDP) and bind to a multicast address.  The
kernel will do the necessary IGMP joins for you, and enable reception
of the relevant multicast addresses.

`ping' should work too, BTW.

If you want connection to the Mbone, you need to run a multicast
router.  Either turn on multicast routing in your routers or run
mrouted (with options MROUTING).  Of course, you only get to see
multicast traffic from multicast islands to which you have

Setting up multicast connectivity to the mbone is a problem between
you, your ISP, and/or an already-connected Mbone site.