Subject: Re: erroneous ack packet, ideas please?
To: None <>
From: Andrew Brown <>
List: tech-net
Date: 07/10/1997 17:37:08
> > i've got my box at home to the point where accept() returns after the
> > first syn (via a setsockopt() on the "master" socket), subsequent syns
> > are simply "absorbed", and i can then *choose* to keep the connection
> > and finish the tcp handshake (via an ioctl() on the "slave" socket).
> > after this, it behaves like a completely normal socket except for the
> > extra ack packet that i don't understand.
>Hm... this is very interesting...
>I think implementing "eager listeners" would be fairly easy to implement
>in this new way of handling embryonic connections, as well... just check
>for the option set on the listening socket, and Do The Right Thing (which
>is how you do it, now, I guess :-)

yep.  and it has been suggested to me that i upgrade my machine at
home from 1.2 to -current in order to take advantage of -current
developments, but i just mumbled something about a 14.4 modem not
wanting to do that any time quickly...

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