Subject: Re: erroneous ack packet, ideas please?
To: None <>
From: Andrew Brown <>
List: tech-net
Date: 07/10/1997 17:33:49
>> >Great. That will make SYN attacks even more effective at crippling
>> >machines.
>> well...even if you put it in your kernel, you wouldn't have to use it,
>> would you?
>No, but I generally don't hand people loaded guns that will only fire
>at their own feet...

give them enough rope to hang themselves...yeah yeah.

>> besides, maybe it's not for everyone (certainly not you, it would
>> seem).  i just thought it would be fun to do, that's all.  can you
>> blame me for wanting to learn and experiment?
>No, I can't blame you for wanting to learn, but I could blame you for
>suggesting we actually add it. :)

um...i don't actually recall suggesting that you add it to anything.
i started off by mentioning that i was experiencing weirdness (in the
form of an inexpicable extra ack) and asked for advice/help/whatever
from people i thought might know.  then i offered to send diffs (vs
1.2) to anyone who wanted to look at it.  finally, i explained to
someone who asked, what i mean by tcp eager listeners...

>PS don't take it too hard -- I'm not trying to attack you...

no, you're trying to SYN attack me.  :P

ps - thor thought it sounded pretty neat.

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