Subject: WARNING: ARP now default on NetBSD-Amiga ARCnet driver
To: None <port-amiga@NetBSD.ORG>
From: is <>
List: tech-net
Date: 03/23/1997 17:22:03

just a short warning: after debugging and testing it last night, 
I made using ARP default for the A2060 driver ("bah").

If you use it with the (ARP-wise broken) AmiTCP-3.0beta releases, 
set the link2 flag. AmiTCP 4.x should be ok.

Amiga-specific compatibility notes:

AS225 and I225 cannot talk ARP, to my knowledge. I dont know about MIAMI.
For a change, Linux, at least on -i386, at least last time I looked (last
June), didn't support NOARP correctly (it creates broadcasts, which is plain

To get the old behaviour, just

ifconfig bah0 -arp

To support single non-ARP hosts, create a proxy arp entry for them with

arp -s stupidhost STUPIDHOSTHEXADRESS 

	Ignatios Souvatzis