Subject: Re: PnP support for the ed (NE2000/...) driver
To: Matt Thomas <>
From: John Birrell <>
List: tech-net
Date: 03/21/1997 12:33:17
Matt Thomas wrote:
> I have a new ISA PnP card (DEC DE305) which is NE2000 compatible.
> I thought it might be nice to separate the bus-dependent parts
> of the ed driver (so I can get the ISA PnP support working as
> well as support the PCI variants that now exist).
> However, the ed driver is complicated and I'm wary of complicated
> drivers. :-)
> I'd like for someone who is familar with ed driver to make it
> bus independent.  Any volunteers?  [I'll do the ISA PnP and
> PCI hooks.]

I started looking at this last weekend. Jonathan Stone put his
work-in-progress patches on in a directory that is
mis-named as if_ep (look inside the files and you'll see they are
if_ed 8-). I got to the point of patching in the Novell vendor
init code, but the clock struck 12 and the operating system turned
into a pumpkin (NT) for the working week. 8-(

(Jason Thorpe also mentioned that he might do some work on `ed' this week.)

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