Subject: Re: IP_RECVIF addition
To: Dennis Ferguson <>
From: Bill Fenner <>
List: tech-net
Date: 10/20/1996 18:06:04
In message <> you write:
>Maybe the sockaddr could be pruned at four or eight bytes?

I'm uncomfortable with creating a 4-byte sockaddr_dl; I'd be afraid of
"generic" sockaddr_dl-handling code in a user program that assumes that
all of the sub-lengths are valid without checking the sockaddr length.
I'm happier with 8 bytes, but am not really sure how to come up with
the number 8.  Perhaps <net/if_dl.h> needs

#define	SDL_MINLEN	8		/* Minimum length sockaddr_dl */

since I don't think I'd want to use (sdl.sdl_data - (char *)&sdl) .