Subject: THe future of ATN or: Is ATM Dying?
To: None <tech-net@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Eran Peled <>
List: tech-net
Date: 10/12/1996 23:40:02
Dear everybody:

Lately I read many papers and articles in Telecom magazines, and other,
saying that ATM is Dead and voice over ATM is too complicated and
expensive, so the PTTs will not purchase these switches.  They also are
saying that the Internet demands fast and immediate solutions, that ATM
cannot provide in this very moment, so it is about to miss the boat.

Differently thinking, we in TF-Systems have developed a special Timing
and Synchronization boards for ATM Synchronization.  We thought ATM will
have to enable Voice and other timing sensitive services, and they all
need De-Jittering and Synchronization.

This is a state of the art unit with Host interface to any possible
Host, Phase locking to another unit (Master Slave Operation), multiple
input selection, for E1/T1/STM1/E3/T3 etc., verity of outputs, Holdover
and low aging VCTCXO Local Oscillator   and very very small.
Being the only "of the shelf" product, it should have been be a Hit... 

Excluding the ATM company that ordered the R@D , we hardly can fined
great interest for such board, so we are wandering: Have we made a
Is ATM really dying?

Please tell us everything you possibly can about this, we shall really
appreciate each one of you opinion.

Thank you,

Eran Peled  
TF-Systems Ltd.
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