Subject: NETISO and ISODE
To: None <tech-net@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Hannu Laurila <>
List: tech-net
Date: 08/01/1996 21:36:52
(Hopefully this is the right place to ask)

NetBSD-1.1, i386, Ethernet LAN


I compiled the NetBSD-1.1 kernel with OSI networking support (NETISO) and
now I am trying to communicate with other OSI-system in our LAN with
CLNP/ISO-IP protocols. I am all novice with OSI.

I also grabbed the ISODE distribution and now I am trying to establish
connections. I used the following command to configure ep0.

ifconfig ep0 iso 470004112233445566778899000020afb7a81500

Computer's ethernet address is 00:20:af:b7:a8:15

ifconfig ep0 shows this:

=09iso  netmask =20

I am not sure at all if I supplied the address in correct format.=20

Then I launched tsapd with no parameters to the background and now I am
testing the configuration by trying to establish ftam/vt connections to my
own computer and I have had no success.

I tried with 'ftam 47000411223344556677889900020afb7a81500' with no
success, it just blocks on trying to connect...

ALL hints are welcome, I need every single word of wisdom you can offer.

If we get the ISO stuff on NetBSD working, we will use it for
communicating with our Nokia DX220 telephone exchange. We don't need to
route ISO as the only purpose for OSI in our LAN is to use ftam/vt
application between to computers, the Nokia DX220 and the NetBSD system.

I think that this might be a very simple configuration, I just can't make
it work as I have no practical knowledge on ISO addressing etc.

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