Subject: Virtual Server
To: None <>
From: Explorer <>
List: tech-net
Date: 01/07/1996 17:00:47
I have a project that involves automatic (alternate) server activation, 
ie., if MYServer goes down, then its name is taken up by AltServer 
(continually checking MYServer's status.)

I have accomplished this task for PCs but would like to know how to do it 
for UNIX.

Also, how can I configure linux to support virtual server?  I would like 
to have and be on one machine but behave as if they 
were individual machines.  So I would ftp to and 
which would have their own directories.

I know I can do aliasing on the names, but that would require me to 
include some path, and -- kinda defeats 
the purpose.  Moreover, aliasing rears by machine name and not the 
assigned name.

If you can atleast point me at sources, I would be greatful.