Subject: Re: real ARP, anyone?
To: None <>
From: Matt Thomas <>
List: tech-net
Date: 10/23/1995 16:54:31
In  <> , you wrote:

> Hello,
> does anyone work on a real ARP implementation? I mean, one which can
> handle multiple protocols for link level and user protocol?

ARP is a protocol defined in Internet RFCs for various media.
It is not, in my view, a general purpose algorithm.  

> No, FDDI does not count: it seems to masquerade as Ethernet for ARP
> purposes. 

Of course it does.  That's what the RFC for IP over FDDI tells you to do.
Even ARP for Token Ring isn't that different from ARP over Ethernet.

> ARCnet doesn't count either; I didn't implement it yet ;-)
> I guess somebody might be working on IPv6 and implementing a real ARP
> code for that, so I thougt it would be better to ask first.

No luck there.  IPv6 doesn't use ARP.  (it has its way of doing link
layer address resolution).

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