Subject: Re: ifconfig alias trouble
To: Scott Drassinower <>
From: Tom Samplonius <>
List: tech-net
Date: 05/10/1995 22:19:47
On Tue, 9 May 1995, Scott Drassinower wrote:

> 	Has anyone else experienced trouble getting packets to other subnets 
> on the same network after using ifconfig alias with netbsd-1.0?  Everything 
> runs fine for a while (an hour or so), and then 2 out of 4 subnets become 
> unreachable.  The only way to solve this is a reboot.  Is this a known 
> problem, or a problem with the way I am running ifconfig 
> (ifconfig ed2 newmachinename alias)?
> 	I suspect this is a bug because it is easily reproducible, and 
> happens after about the period of time.

  I've had problems with using aliases when the alisesed address is 
outside the current subnet.  It appears to have difficulty doing arp 
correctly.  This is rather annoying, because I'd like to use this feature 
to re-locate a nameserver to a different subnet, and then setup host 
routes on a couple intermediate routers.

  BTW, I had the exact same results with FreeBSD 1.1 too, so it may be a 
old BSD thing.