Subject: Re: Batch Telnet (Re: diskless and 3Com 509)
To: Charles M. Hannum <>
From: Terry Lambert <>
List: tech-net
Date: 03/17/1995 13:02:16
>    The message returned is "Connection closed by remote host.", not
>    "Connection closed."
> And you actually believed that message?  It's wrong.

Yep; silly me, it appears.  8-).

> Not at all.  If you actually look at the packets on the wire, you'll
> see:
> 1) The client sends a FIN.
> 2) The server sends some data.
> 3) The client responds to the data with a RST.
> tcpdump(8) leaves no doubt that the problem, if any, is in the client.
> Actually, I misspoke about TCP.  The client can close the write side
> by sending a FIN.  However, the telnet client is currently closing
> both sides of the connection when it gets an EOF on stdin.  This is
> really easy to fix.  In fact, I just did it.

Charles wins the prize; apparently, I was misled by the message and
foolishly believed telnet was describing the situation.

I see a problem with the fix, however, in that an attempt to disconnect
a telnet client from a remote server that has gone away may fail
unless the fix was made to only apply to EOF on input instead of
applying to both EOF on input and <escape><close>.  I think you still
want <escape><close> to cause the client program to exit immediately.

					Terry Lambert
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