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Re: uvideo webcam on big-endian systems

Hmph - this has had me stumped for a while now. There are no obvious
endianness faults in the uvideo or video drivers (although the uvideo
function for printing an endpoints size is incorrect).

It's possible that the problem is in the ehci driver instead (the isoc
parts of which have never been tested on a big endian system either). Is
your webcam attaching at ehci?

If so, could you recompile with EHCI_DEBUG enabled (and "ehcidebug" in
src/sys/dev/usb/ehci.c set to 5), try to stream again and post the
resulting messages? Be aware this'll produce a large amount of
kernel-message spam.

Additionally, what software are you using to stream video with? Is there
any indication that any data is being delivered to the application (ie,
does the green-stripe pattern change at all?).

Right now I'm trying to figure out whether the fault is in configuring
the device (resulting in no data being sent), or somewhere between data
being received and the video driver.


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