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ng in orbits round him--

S of iron, calcium, cerium, titanium, barium, and magnesium. From the surface 
of this ocean of fire, jets and pointed spires of flaming hydrogen shoot up 
with amazing
velocity, and attain an altitude of ten, twenty, fifty, and even one hundred 
thousand miles in a very short period of time. They are, however, of an 
evanescent nature, change rapidly in form and
appearance, and often in the course
of an hour or two die down so as not to be recognisable. These _prominences_, 
as they are called, have been divided into two classes. Some are in masses that 
float like clouds in
the atmosphere, which they resemble in form and appearance;
they are usually attached
to the chromosphere by
a single stem, or by slender columns; occasionally
they are entirely free. These are called _quiescent_ prominences; they consist 
of clouds of hydrogen,
and are of more lasting duration than the other

variety, called _eruptive_ or metallic prominences. The latter

are usually found in the vicinity of sun-spots, and, besides hydrogen, contain the vapours of various metals. They are of different forms,

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