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Problems (panics) with using my uvideo... Help please..

Hi everybody,

after Jared told me I maybe should be coming here for help, here I am.
I'm having problems with my builtin (uvideo) camera on my thinkpad t61,
its use will panic the system. First Jared was suspecting an ehci bug,
but it will panic the machine, too, even when using the uhci attachment
(achieved by boot -c, disable ehci). I've opened a PR for it, it's
kern/39753 [1]. I have put up several photos of the panics and backtraces
online, mostly with a GENERIC + UVIDEO_DEBUG kernel. Information about
the machine and all the photos are available here:

The following panics are from uhci attached uvideo:

The following are from adding -tv outfmt=mjpg added:

in all cases (except the last one) I was provoking the panic with using
mplayer -vo null -fps 10 tv://

So to the (new) ehci & uvideo guys here ... can you please look at that and
help me using the device? I mean I'm not too much into actually using it, I
don't need it to survive, it's mostly worrying me that it's panicking the
machine ...

Regards & Thanks in advance,



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