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Re: Objections to converting bsd-family-tree to a dot file

On 15/12/17 4:51 pm, Eitan Adler wrote:
Show Me The Money!
See examples at the bottom

     How easy would it be to render something like the existing
bsd-family-tree, e.g. something that is reasonably intelligent when
viewed with more(1) or less(1) with the same basic information that
it has now?

Pretty easy. Examples below. Note its just a first draft. That said, I
did find several unconnected nodes: some of which are corrected in
this version.

Also, would rendering it be something that can reasonably
be done while building the system, or would it need to be pre-rendered
and the result checked into the SCM (keep in mind that NetBSD's is portable, i.e. you can build NetBSD on Windows if you
feel like it)?

It'll likely be easier to check it to the repo. It can be done
reasonably portably using graphviz, but its not likely worth it.

Any objections? It isn't used for much beyond documentation so
changing the format isn't expected to cause any negative effects.

Today it is very simple plaintext thing.  For me, the complexity will
overweight the value of this file.

the current manually done file is easy to read.
I can't work out if one of the files in the directory you show below is an automatically made version, but the graphically rendered files there are a mess and way harder to read. (and of course not ascii). If there is an ascii generated file that is as easy to read then ok but it's going to have to be VERY good to
be more readable that what is there already.

It isn't really complex:

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