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Re: Objections to converting bsd-family-tree to a dot file

> On 15 December 2017 at 08:43, Lyndon Nerenberg <> wrote:
> >> I'd like to turn this into into a dot file
> > Sounds like a reasonable idea.  With care, the source (text) file(s) can
> > often be formatted in a way that's at least semi-readable. I assume this
> > would ship with pregenerated images (PDF, SVG) so people don't have to
> > install the port to render the graph?
> The overall consensus seems to be: so long as there is a reasonable
> way to view this file in plaintext without requiring a tool in base,
> its fine. I'll likely run with that after ironing out the conversion
> bit.

I have seen no presentation of a reasonable way to view the
graph in plain text.   Nor do I find the output you presented
as a sample very usable due to scaling issues, one of the graphs
was massively wide, the other was ok but at such a scale had
to be zoomed significantly to read.

Though they are "pretty" I find them cumbersumb to use.  And that
means they wont be used.

Rod Grimes                                       

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