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Re: Objections to converting bsd-family-tree to a dot file

On Dec 14,  8:15pm, Eitan Adler wrote:
} I've been attempting to maintain bsd-family-tree (available as
} share/misc/bsd-family-tree) as a plain text file across 3 different
} operating systems: NetBSD, DragonFly, and FreeBSD.
} It has to be maintained by hand, and can't be parsed to do anything
} more useful (like turn it into an image). In addition, formatting
} differences between the different projects have led to minor
} differenes that are difficult to merge.
} I'd like to turn this into into a dot file
} ( which
} is a more natural format for a graph.
} Any objections? It isn't used for much beyond documentation so
} changing the format isn't expected to cause any negative effects.

     How easy would it be to render something like the existing
bsd-family-tree, e.g. something that is reasonably intelligent when
viewed with more(1) or less(1) with the same basic information that
it has now?  Also, would rendering it be something that can reasonably
be done while building the system, or would it need to be pre-rendered
and the result checked into the SCM (keep in mind that NetBSD's is portable, i.e. you can build NetBSD on Windows if you
feel like it)?

}-- End of excerpt from Eitan Adler

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