Subject: Re: multiple consumers of msmux
To: David <>
From: Lennart Augustsson <>
List: tech-misc
Date: 05/15/2003 23:23:51
No, that's currently not possible.  Well, you could set something up
with two muxes, and your program would pass the unused events from
one to the other, but it would be awkward.

David wrote:

>	I have a keyboard with a random selection of extra keys, which I'd
>	like to map to do something useful with mserv. Its trivial enough
>	to do this in a window manager under X, but I'd like something
>	that works all the time.
>	Is it possible to open the keyboard wsmux without disrupting the
>	normal use? (So I could have a small daemon listening to the
>	keyboard events and acting on the special keys).