Subject: Re: installing the same file twice using bsd.*.mk
To: Klaus Heinz <>
From: Andrew Brown <>
List: tech-misc
Date: 04/12/2002 23:37:59
>During a ' release', the second stage bootloader for NetBSD/Amiga
>(boot.amiga) needs to be installed in $DESTDIR/usr/mdec/ as well as $DESTDIR.
>At the moment this is accomplished by a simple 'cp -p' in the Makefile
>and thus, METALOG doesn't know about it. Consequently $DESTDIR/boot.amiga
>is not included in base.tgz although it exists in the set lists.
>I could simple use ${INSTALL_FILE} but although this would work it is probably
>not the best approach.
>Is there a way to install the same file twice in different locations?
>The best idea I could come up with was copying the file to a different name
>(e.g. boot.amiga.tmp) and add this name to FILES. FILESDIR_boot.amiga.tmp 
>would then point to '/' and FILESNAME_boot.amiga.tmp would be 'boot.amiga'.
>What would you do?

LINKS= ${BINDIR}/boot.amiga ${DESTDIR}/boot.amiga


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