Subject: Re: Need help with disk partitions and mounting
To: Mark Milligan <>
From: Manuel Bouyer <>
List: tech-misc
Date: 06/25/2001 21:55:46
On Sun, Jun 24, 2001 at 10:30:10PM -0700, Mark Milligan wrote:
> Hello Everyone in BSD land.
> I have an i386 system with one 14GB drive partitioned for netBSD 1.5.1,
> Linux, and Win98 (groan).  I ran out of space on my netBSD partition so
> I used partition magic to shrink my win98 partion by 2 GB.  I would like
> to format this unused 2GB for use by netBSD but am unsure how to do this
> ??? I have read the man pages for disklabel, newfs and diskpart and am
> now royally confused ??? I am unsure how BSD treats the disk and
> partitions and what parameters are needed. And I am very afraid of
> screwing up something.

You need to edit the disklabel (disklabel -e) and add a partition for
this unused space. You need to know the start and size, in sectors.
NetBSD's fdisk may tell you this.

> How do I get BSD to read the partition info of the drive and find the
> unused space, format it and mount it.
> I would also like to mount the Fat32x and linux Ext2 partions so that
> BSD can access them and I can use the linux emulation etc.

Again you need to add partitions in the disklabel for these partitions.
use "MSDOS" for the "Linux Ext2" for the linux partitions.
For ext2fs you also need to define block and fragment size, e.g.:
  g:   208782       63 Linux Ext2     1024  8192         # (Cyl.    0*- 207*)

They're not used but need to be there.

Manuel Bouyer <>