Subject: Re: getty/modem issue
To: Adam Glass <>
From: John Nemeth <>
List: tech-misc
Date: 10/19/2000 04:04:25
On Feb 19,  7:38pm, Adam Glass wrote:
} Greetings.  I'm using NetBSD 1.5 Alpha on a Dell Inspiron 3800 laptop
} with an external Zoom modem.  I'm using getty to answer the phone and
} accept logins on /dev/tty00, and spit out a login banner with getty's
} "if" token.  The modem correctly auto-answers reliably, and carrier
} sequences are negotiated, and lights blink and all seems well. 
} Unfortunately, about 50% of the time, the call gets disconnected *right*
} after the connection sequence completes, and right when getty is
} supposed to send the issue file.

     Some modems issue the "CONNECT xxx" message before raising DCD.  A
fast computer that is just looking for the CONNECT message can respond
before DCD gets raised, which of course, will cause the modem to
hangup.  The solutions that I've seen in several different gettys
(i.e.  mgetty) is to sleep for a short time after getting the CONNECT

}-- End of excerpt from Adam Glass