Subject: Re: "Minature" NetBSD
To: Matthias Buelow <>
From: Andy Doran <>
List: tech-misc
Date: 05/27/1999 21:44:31
On Fri, 28 May 1999, Matthias Buelow wrote:

> Andy Doran <> wrote:
> >So, taking things like Intel Device View (which is admittedly a mess) into
> >consideration, wouldn't it be nice if you could build your router and
> >configure it online (or the image) with a GUI interface? Think of curses,
> >Gtk+ or (where's my flamesuit) Win32.
> It would be nice if you could configure such a thing via snmp.

I was thinking of SNMP more in a monitoring role, because I'd like this
all to be free, and there aren't free, good tools out there to manage
devices - can you show me one (I'd appreciate it a lot =)?

- ad