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Fwd: Guide me on this project I have a few questions

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From: Sahil Ahmed <>
Date: Sat, Mar 25, 2023 at 4:44 PM
Subject: Guide me on this project I have a few questions
To: <>


I understand that swap space is created by the system and why it's
useful how it helps with running processes but as mentioned on the
project page :

The ideal solution would be configurable for:

thresholds for creation-do you mean after how much main memory is used
we should allocate swap space? This seems like a tough problem from a
mathematics point of view, because I think, choosing when to allocate
swap space would require us to consider the processes that are in the
queue and predict how much memory they would require also deciding
what process to assign to main memory and what to swap space would
require some statistical analysis.
min/max (don't fill up the disk entirely)-

        I'm a newbie in systems programming so correct me if I'm
wrong,this seems like an edge-case issue, basically, if swap space is
required and the system has less memory on disk than required by swap,
then maybe we can't run the process as memory is full, or can we
eliminate some low priority system task which might possibly give us
more room.

        For min, I think this will want us to have a look at the
process history to have an idea of how much space should be required,
and can we do this dynamically i.e keep assigning more swap space
whenever the process asks unless we have filled the disk?

I want to make it my GSOC proposal, and I would be glad if you could
guide me in this project and I give me some input for writing a
proposal. Negative or positive please let me know your response, I've
just recently started learning to build an OS myself and I m learning
the theory and writing a bit of code as well, so this project is
aligned with my interests. I would be happy to hear from you.

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