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getextattr system.test != getextattr system test

trying to set up glusterfs on NetBSD I ran into issues with extended attributes
(on a FFSv2ea). Basically glusterfs tries to setup attributes in the
trusted namespace, and if I undertood it properly it does so using
getextattr(1) & friends. The error message is:
Staging of operation 'Volume Create' failed on localhost : Failed to set extended attributes trusted.glusterfs.volume-id, reason: Attribute not found 

So I tested from command line:
#setextattr system test blash /data/glfs1/vol0
# getextattr system test /data/glfs1/vol0
/data/glfs1/vol0        blash
# getextattr system.test /data/glfs1/vol0
getextattr: /data/glfs1/vol0: failed: Attribute not found

from getextattr's man page, I understand that getextattr system test and
getextattr system.test should be equivalent. But actually
"getextattr system test" tries to read attribute test in namespace system,
while "getextattr system.test" tries to read attribue system.test in
namespace system.

Is it the expected behavior (i.e. did I misinterpret the man page) ?
Or should getextattr strip the namespace component in the second use
case ?

Manuel Bouyer <>
     NetBSD: 26 ans d'experience feront toujours la difference

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