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Panic on bootup (hdaudio)

Hi folks,

while trying to investigate the RIRB storm i stumbled on the following panic
during autoconfiguration on NetBSD/amd64 running 9.99.68 (22 jun) :

I was hinted that it might be a corruption so i tried out a few sanitiser

kUBSan : direct reset

kASan  : didn't trigger

kCSan  : lots and lots of spam but functions ok after it

kMSan  : paniced on startup

With bog standard GENERIC kernel it works fine apart from the spurious RIRB
storm at reboot that now luckily gets resolved so it boots on and yes, the
occasional panic as stated at the top. When it runs, it runs fine and audio is
functioning perfectly.

Is this PR worthy itself or should/could it be appended to PR#51734 ?

With regards,

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