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Re: file in kernel compile dir

In article <>,
Simon Burge  <> wrote:
>Valery Ushakov wrote:
>> Recent changes to record stack usage cause a file named to be
>> created (that refers assym.c).  It plays tricks with targets like
>> clean that refer to *.su
>This file is created by genassym which calls GCC using stdin for
>the input file.  The attached patch feels a bit hackish, but works for
>me.  Any reason not to commit it now, or does anyone have a cleaner
>fix?  I certainly didn't want to add all the ugliness of checking if the
>current compiler is GCC and !vax !

Just add another -N-fstack-usage?

- 	    ${GENASSYM} -- ${CC} ${CFLAGS:N-Wa,*} ${CPPFLAGS} ${PROF} \
+ 	    ${GENASSYM} -- ${CC} ${CFLAGS:N-Wa,*:N-fstack-usage} ${CPPFLAGS} \
+		${PROF} \


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