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Re: adding linux syscall fallocate

Hi Jaromir,

Indeed. That's bad news but thanks for your answer! I've even found this:
Are there any details for this project besides that page? I don't know anything about NetBSD internals though if it's not meant for gurus, I'd have a look at it and give it a try.

Best regards,

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Feladó: Jaromír Doleček < (Link -> >
Dátum: 2019 november 3 15:16:34
Tárgy: Re: adding linux syscall fallocate
Címzett: r0ller < (Link -> >
Le dim. 3 nov. 2019 à 08:57, r0ller <> a écrit :

> As you can see on the attached screenshot, "line 4741" gets printed out. So I went on to check what happens in VOP_FALLOCATE but it gets really internal there.
> Does anyone have any hint?

fallocate VOP is not implemented for FFS:

> grep fallocate *
ffs_vnops.c: { &vop_fallocate_desc, genfs_eopnotsupp }, /* fallocate */
ffs_vnops.c: { &vop_fallocate_desc, spec_fallocate }, /* fallocate */
ffs_vnops.c: { &vop_fallocate_desc, vn_fifo_bypass }, /* fallocate */


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