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Re: /dev/random is hot garbage

I'm just pissed off with the current status quo that we tolerate
everything being broken.

AMD CPUs do not provide hardware RNG.
NVMe isn't used as an RNG source because it would slow it down too much.
netbsd/xen never heard about RNG. Or monotonic time. Why are we using
this to build packages?!

We allow userland to deplete the entropy pool and then have /dev/random
reads block until more randomness is acquired. Which is never, if you
use some modern hardware, or old hardware, or embedded hardware, or VMs.

Rust reads a byte from /dev/random before deciding it's OK to read
/dev/urandom. We are told this is the correct behaviour and that we
shouldn't upstream "just use /dev/urandom/sysctl equivalent".

Nothing builds, we don't supply binary packages, and nobody cares.

"Just get a 128GB RAM 32 core machine like me, and then you can use

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