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Re: uuidgen(2)

uuigen used to generate the version 1 variant (i adjusted the to the full 100ns resolution when porting the timecounters). Some time later somebody changed uuidgen(2) to return version 4 UUIDs I believe for simplicity and performance if I
remember the commit comment correctly.
I cannot tell which version is most appropriate to be generated in the kernel or whether there are standards mandating the
generated version for uuidgen(2).

Definitely the uuidgen(2) and the man page need to be aligned.


On 07/19/19 20:18, Robert Swindells wrote:
The man page for the uuidgen(2) system call states that generated UUIDs
conform to the DCE version 1 variant which is based on the time they
were created.

The kernel actually generates version 4 UUIDs which are generated

Found by wiz@ because the python test suite fails if you build python37
to use our uuid functions in libc instead of linking against the
devel/libuuid package. The test that fails is just a check of the UUID
version number.

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