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Re: Interface description support

> I agree, we should be able to use the description as a means of looking up t$

> 1- Duplicate descriptions are not allowed (should return EEXIST if an attemp$

Agreed.  At least, unless and until someone comes up with reasonable
semantics for handling multiple interfaces at once in all relevant

> 2- In order to prevent unpredictable behavior in the presence of name-"wm0" $

I think I would prefer that attempting to set a description that
equals an interface name is rejected, and, when attaching an interface
after boot (ie, after interface descriptions can have been set), when
choosing an interface disambiguator number, putative names are tested
for conflicts against not only other interfaces' names but against
their descriptions as well.  Together, these would mean that there is
no overlap between the set of interface names and the set of interface

Of course, this means special handling for a zero-length description,
or else that a zero-length description is different from no
description, but I think that is the lower price.

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