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re: ehci: fix error handling?

> Ok, thanks, I've fixed it and the machine shuts down correctly now.

i saw the commit - thanks for making it better.

> However there seem to be other problems in the attach/detach. ehci_init()
> and ehci_detach() are not symmetrical, the former initializes more stuff
> than the latter deinitializes. ehci_pci.c deinitializes the extra stuff
> correctly, but the others (cardbus, arm, mips) don't.

yup.  it's kind of a wreck, but we're slowly making all of
this better.  for a long time many of the host controllers
didn't need to support detach, but we've been moving more
and more towards everything is capable of detaching the
last few years, and sometimes things crash annoyingly when
you are trying to reboot.



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