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[clang-format] [NetBSD Style] Clarification regarding Include files order in NetBSD

I am currently adding NetBSD style support to clang-format, I need some clarification regarding the order of include files to be followed in NetBSD while modifying SortIncludes to follow NetBSD-Style guide in sorting includes while formatting NetBSD code.

After discussing with my mentors @christos, @mgorny and some devs in #netbsd-code IRC channel I came up with a draft of this order of Include files,

<sys/param.h> -- should come first.

<sys/types.h> -- should come next

<sys/ *.h>        -- followed by <sys/ > block sorted alphdebitcal

<net/ *.h>         -- all blocks sorted alphabetical

<netinet/ *.h>  

<protocols/ *.h>

< /usr includes next>


“User include files” -- in double quotes

There are some other includes such as <uvm/ *.h> ,  <fs/ *.h>, <dev/ *.h> which are also kernel includes, should they be after <sys/ *.>
Can I get more details regarding this include files order that I might have missed?
Manikishan Ghantasala CSE

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