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GSoC 18 - Kernel Address Sanitizer 1st report

  It has been really great summer so far and I have managed to complete the targets set for the first evaluation, below is a short summary on the work that I have done prior to the evaluation period.
  • Added ATF regression tests to check whether the address sanitizer is working in the userland.
  • Wrote example kernel modules to
    • Add a node to the sysctl tree
    • Make a /dev module Multiprocessor Safe(MPSAFE)
    • Print out the data, text, heap and kernel map constants.
  • Read the 1998 dissertation on UVM by Dr. Chuck Cranor and made notes on it
  • Familiarized myself with UVM code
  • Added a kernel option and built the kernel against KASan with Dummy functions.
Here is the blog post regarding the same :

I would like to thank my mentor, Kamil Rytarowski who was always ready to dive deep into code and help whenever required. I also want to thank Cherry Mathews for helping clear up doubts related to UVM. 

  Siddharth M
  Second Year B.Tech (CSE) Student,
  Amrita School of Engineering, Kollam
“Most people get ahead during the time that others waste."

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