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Re: Oddities with my new machine: update

Recapping my issues, i had an hdaudio interrupt storm and serious issues with
i915 graphics.

I now run a 8.99.8 kernel but also tested an 8-release kernel. They both have
the same behaviour for what its worth.

Having a 7.1 kernel, userland and X gives rise to the problems I mentioned. X
is workable accelerated if you don't mind moving the mouse now and then to
unlock it.

Running an 8-release (or 8.99.8) kernel with 7.1 userland fixes the interrupt
storm due to the modifications to hdaudio. The mismatch in kernel and Xorg
libs make the display show a small garbage patch and only unaccelerated i get
a normal display.

Running an 8.99.8 kernel with accompanied userland accelerated X works fine
for normal desktop work but it seems a vsync is never delivered. When running
glxgears, it renders once but it'll have to be killed with xkill(1) to close
the window. Gladly the desktop keeps functioning.

As for the keyboard issues, the current explicit keyboard section seems to
hold fine and haven't yet dared to take it out.

Thoughts on how to debug this?

With regards,

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