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Re: kaslr: better rng

> Date: Sat, 11 Nov 2017 15:48:12 +0100
> From: Maxime Villard <>
> It is based on the SHAKE256 hash function, which can produce a variable
> sized output. We use an area of 32 bytes, and regenerate it as many times
> as needed.
> The first time, it is generated with:
> 	area = SHAKE256(entropy-file, rdseed, rdtsc)
> When all of the bytes in the area have been consumed, it is regenerated
> this way:
> 	area = SHAKE256(area, rdseed, rdtsc)

If we _both_ reveal y = H(x) for some initial secret x, and then use y
as the new secret, we've just revealed the new secret.  Rather, we
should carve up the output of SHAKE256 into a new 32-byte secret and
an n-byte buffer of outputs for some convenient n:

nseed(32) || buffer(480) = SHAKE256(oseed(32) || whatever else)

See <> for further
discussion of this structure (and criticism of the obscenely
complicated NIST DRBGs in SP800-90A).

It may be simpler to use a Keccak duplex like the draft entropy pool
I've been sitting on for a while, which has some theoretically nicer
properties[1] though hasn't yet appeared in a NIST standard the way
SHAKE256 has.  Input from someone who is likely to care about
certification more than I do would be appreciated here.

Also, where do you update the seed that is then passed to rnd_seed to
initialize the real kernel entropy pool?

Finally, some minor nits:

- Don't call it `rndpool', because that has a specific meaning in
  NetBSD already, which is something else.  Just `struct prng' is
  fine, if confined to that file.

- Define functions with foo(void), not foo(), to get prototype
  checking from the C compiler.

- Newline before function name in definitions; see share/misc/style
  for more details.

- No need for casts between void * and other types.

- Use unsigned, not u_int; u_int, u_intN_t, &c., are vestiges of older

- Avoid externs in .c files.  Include the right header file for the
  declaration of bootinfo.


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