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Re: kmodule: absolute symbols

Le 02/11/2017 à 18:41, Christos Zoulas a écrit :
In article <otfl8m$11s$>,
Christos Zoulas <> wrote:

(note: we've always had this issue, so what, no one has ever tried to
modload COMPAT_16 on amd64?)

I would declare getval_unlocked as taking void *symp, remove the cast
in the call, and change:

	*symp = (void *)es;
	*(void **)symp = es;

to avoid casting every call...

Or even make it Elf_Sym **, and avoid all casts :-)

That's what I did first, but Elf_Sym is not defined in db_sym.c. Anyway, void**
is more correct than void*, and there is only one cast, so it's not like we
really care...

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